Trousers Frills – Lust List

This SS17 – trousers are fun fun fun – not only the change in fabric but also the shape. #flares #bellbottoms #frills – so much choice and artistic expression.

What is not to love.

Wear them first and then think of the whole outfit, I love the fact that in a way I cannot be taken too seriously in these pants J. They are made for dancing, quite simply made for me… – they keep me moving and smiling.

This is a statement item and doesn’t need any distractions, layering or balancing – I like to wear my clothes not my clothes wearing me or drowning me. A body or simple top is all that is needed, even a wrong length coat, can set it off the wrong way.

These wonderful trousers has brought to life all the other hidden gems in my wardrobe

This pair is from Zara – and believe me they have soooooo much more – enjoy.

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