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It’s March and I am terribly excited about this summer already, although I can only see small traces of sun, definitely no heat yet…….this is London Belinda :-).

My kids are getting that bit older which means, I can have more fun with my wardrobe, and we can sometimes play, dress up together my son included. They love their dress up time especially with mummy’s clothes. They always come up with fab colour combos, which I haven’t thought of before. The term kids inspire is truly, alive and kicking in my house.

Wardrobe weekly planning, has now become part of the chores list, as I know, I only have 10mins in the morning to get me shit done and dusted. They (my beautiful monsters) just will not allow me anymore time at the moment. Other things need to be ticked off the list first, including book bag, nursery book, water bottle, uniforms worn the right way round, toothpaste faces cleaned, although most times my excuse is that it is a milk moustache….lol, before I get a chance to look in the mirror and make sure that I don’t have cornflakes in my hair.

I have always loved my clothes, old and new – pre pregnancy, post pregnancy. When you dress for you, not anyone else, your pieces give you life. They let you enjoy colours, accept your shape and have fun with putting your stamp on things. I love shopping and customising pieces to suit me. Having kids hasn’t really allowed me to do this in the past couple of years, so I am a little bit guilty of having items in my closet with price tags still on them. Items I bought when I was pregnant….what was I thinking.

Mummy rant over, for now 🙂 – back to my Ankara SS17 Ready….

For some reason I never sell my Ankara (African Worn Prints) pieces, NEVER. Maybe because they were all made to fit; tailored to me; they are my designs; or they hold memories. I love the Dutch/African prints designed by Vlisco – the holy grail and inspiration behind must african fabrics.

I do prefer the smaller prints but worn beautifully on a couple of my top bloggers and designers, I also adore the live art feel that the big prints brings to the table. These fabric designs just make you happy. I sometimes call them “the storyteller fabrics” e.g. below; Obama Hip Hop inspired Ankara from Vlisco.

They remind me of my culture, my heritage and my grandmother, I miss her terribly, everyday. All her stories, cooking, warmth, language, slang expression, smell, face, smile, chin chin and cuddles x x endless cuddles x x  I think grandparents give the BEST cuddles, hands down.

For me this Spring / Summer time I will be celebrating everything Ankara, everything Afrobeat, everything African, and I intend to create a few matching pieces, time allowing for myself and my daughter.

In meantime:

These are my top 3 bloggers (including the designers behind their looks). They always put a twist to how, I for one, keep going back to this amazing classic print.

BlackBeautyBag  by natachabaco

Folake Hunton by Stella Jean

Photoshoot by Christie BrownGH

Vlisco my inpirsation for fabulous print fabrics and campaigns

What is your favourite Ankara Style/Blogger/Designer/Photoshoot? Share

My throwback look from summer 2016, above:

I am wearing: Ankara fabric, worn as a wrapper, flats from Zara, crop top from Topshop, Ghana extra large summer bag and beaded necklace made with love (not by me but for me) x x x

Images from pinterest, except my image 🙂

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