Coffee Hour & My Go To Tips For Writing More….

For me blogging or posting has been about learning new skills each day while being a mum which is another skill all by itself but with help from nature, of cos ?.

I have all the tools in me, as a mum, I just have to listen to my instincts more often and don’t rubbish them, as they are always right.

I enjoy learning new apps, which have improved my skills in photo editing, typography, planning and discovering that although my spelling is rubbish and my reading these days is nonexistent, I still have a voice and something to say and put down on paper. #10minutewritingchallenge.

Anyone can write – like my errrthang says, aka my better half, “write what you know or love doing”. If self-motivation is the problem then start a course or join an online community. Set yourself a couple of objectives and milestones for example, “I will write for 10 minutes on Tuesday and Friday mornings just before bed”.

And if you are brave, which we all are deep down, post it.

If you are still struggling to start my top 3 tips, that help me are:

  1. Start Reading Again – pick up a magazine or subscribe to bloglovin and read other posts.
  2. Switch Off – block out the noise, allow yourself a couple of hours silence a week, if you can or doing nothing, just people watching over a couple of coffee.
  3. Long Showers (for me in the evening when the kids are in bed) – I know they are supposed to be a quicker options but I get most of my creative quotes when I am in the shower – I also do my stretches at this time.

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